The Founders

Norbert Muigg

My name is OMRAEL NORBERT MUIGG. Since 40 years I have done research and seek the mystery of life. Over the last 25 years the mayas have shared with me their wisdom and their form of moving, healing and transforming human problems.In my work I connect psychological knowledge and science with the ancient methods of shamanic Mayan traditions with the aim of finding balance between the human soul and body. I wrote 4 books on the subject of Mayan wisdom and healing methods.

As visionary, founder and president of the Center and Foundation PAZ MUNDO I work in Europe and at this sacred Maya – Space to heal, transform and coach visitors.

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Christine Muigg

I was iniciated in the knowledge treasure of the Maya with much Love and Attention, specially in the Mistery of the Maya Astrology for healing tasks as well in the study of Medicinal Herbs.

In my group travels I share my knowledge and my personal experiences. I was allowed through experiences in many spiritual traditions to immerse myself in the World of the Unity and of the Spirit and I am deeply connected to a universal Spirituality.

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