The Center

The World Peace Center located in the Guatemalan highlands and has been a sacred place of the MAYA priesthood for thousands of years. It’s old maya name is SACSIGUAN. This means “White Earth” and in accordance with the Cosmovision Maya is connected with SAC BE, the white path towards knowledge and wisdom.
The Intercultural Peace Foundation on site manages a small local hospital and several social projects.

Founded on 1997 by Norbert and Christine Muigg together with the several mayan elders, the Center is located above the world famous Lake Atitlan, and is embedded in the magnificent nature and surrounded by small mayan villages.

In our intercultural pyramids and temple facilities, the different energies of the mayan calendar and its nahuales are represented and ready to be discovered by our visitors.

The Center PAZ MUNDO is a place of healing and teaching. Special energetic connections have been built between the heart of the center, and other powerful places such as TIKAL, COPAN as well as many other, great mayan sites and altars throughout the country. Our area is known by the ancient elders and shamans of the mayan people as a “Gateway to the Universe”. The Center is specially connected with the spirits of clarity, the fire of love, and the power of the four elements.