Spiritual Retreat in Guatemala

Whether this is your first retreat or you have been a spiritual traveller for years, your visit at the Center will be a powerful and life-changing experience.

For your spiritual retreat we can offer the accommodation in the Center, as well as vegetarian food, fruit and herb diets, sacred temples, and space to meditate, work and come together.

Spiritual Retreat Guatemala

In an environment of inner silence and contemplation, you open your heart and rediscover new life force, creativity, and a deeper contact to the divine forces of light, but also to the Mayan underworlds of XIBALBA. The view on the lake Atitlán offers a profound mirror to yourself and the Universe.

The support of the Mayan elders and the work of hundreds of bridge builders from all around the world have formed and transformed the Mayan Center PAZ MUNDO over the last 20 years.

Depending on the dates of your visit, local and/or European healers and traditional Mayan shamans are available for private counseling and spiritual direction. Traditional Mayan Ceremonies and the sacred Mayan Altars and Temples of the Center are available for those who seek this special experience.

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