Soul coaching

Omrael Norbert Muigg

My name is OMRAEL NORBERT MUIGG. As Shaman, healer, personality developer, soul coach and book author I work since 40 years for humanity and for an intercultural and interreligious perspective of human existence.

Soul coaching is the act of recognizing the relations between humans and the Cosmos. This is generated by the connection between shamanic experiences of wise people from old cultures with established methods of the Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.  Through this process, I focus on spiritual health, inner transformation and development of a person. Through my work I facilitate more life quality for body, mind and soul. A special aspect of my work is dealing with fears, the active transformative work with spiritual and emotional burdens and the activation of trust and joy of life.


How do I stand in the life’s challenges and the movements of destiny? Which forces can affect a person and its behavior? How do we experience influences from subtitle worlds?

The influence of unredeemed deaths over the individual and community, influences of the behavior patterns in clan and family structures, the effect of spiritual companion, protecting forces over life movements, creation of conflicts, wars and ritual peace work. Work with the Mayan Calendar, creation of the Tree of Life in Maya, application of old knowledge in today’s Zeitgeist.

My work program

Working with the central forces in life’s destiny: inner fire, power of the heart, love, respect, sexuality, wisdom, compassion, self-healing, activation of the life’s vital force, impulse for mental and spiritual growth, dealing with “burn-out”. Work with the Mayan Calendar, the creation of the Tree of Life in Maya, and its application of old knowledge in today’s Zeitgeist.