Other services

All our local partners have worked for years with us. We share a special relationship of mutual trust. Therefore we are delighted to recommend and organize different activities for you.

Mayan Rituals

Mayan RitualsDepending on the dates of your visit, we have different professional therapeutic healers and shamans at the Center (please refer to upcoming groups and events).

Maya ceremonies

Maya ceremonies We can organize traditional maya ceremonies with local fire-shamans performing rituals in the Center or at other mayan altars in the region. For a fire ceremony we'll invite one of our trusted local shamans to the center and organize a mayan ceremony in accordance with the sacred mayan calendar. Please request this in advance, and explain the purpose for which you wish to perform this ceremony.

Mayan Mystical Tour

Mystical Maya TourMystical MAYA TOUR to sacred altars and sites in Guatemala, such as Tikal, Iximche, Copan, sacred caves (Cuevas Calendaria), shamanic healers, healing hot waterfalls etc.Our private bus will take you around the country, and we can rely on 10 years of experience for the organization of this trip, and have specially trained guides that will accompany you.

Visit to the Paz Mundo Foundation

Paz Mundo FoundationVisit our foundation's social projects, and take a guided tour of the small hospital we built for the local population.The Foundation's Project-Manager will take you to visit different families and ongoing projects, such as the Hospital Paz Mundo, our programme for children with special needs, and our basic needs support program.

Day trips

Day Trips Lake ItitlanDay Trips to the nearby Lake Atitlán, the famous Market of Chichicastenango, to volcanic hot springs.A round trip on the lake with one of our private and trusted boat charters is a wonderful experience, that should not be missed. For day trips we can organize different kinds of guides and support.

Private Shuttle service

Shuttle ServicePick up at Guatemala Airport by a private shuttle.