The Sacred Maya Calendar

The Sacred Maya Calendar is a core element of the Mayan Cosmovision and Mayan Shamanism. The Maya Calendar expresses the interconnection between all beings, elements and forces of the Cosmos and our planetary powers. It is formed by a cycle of 260 days defined by a combination of inner vibration (denoted by the numbers from 1 to 13) and the archetypical powers of a Nahual.

Maya Calendar

The Nahuales are beings and forces that are in contact with the cosmic forces, with Corazon del Cielo and Corazon de la Tierra and with the four elements. They work on all levels of the being and all dimensions. They are also connected with nature and it’s minerals, plants and animals. They represent diverse capacities and characteristics with their corresponding strengths and weaknesses.

Each Nahual has its special task and its area of influence. The quality of a day is followed and guided by the cosmic vibration, the intensity and effect defined by the numbers 1 to 13. Every day influences through its own combination of archetypical force (Nahual) and the vibration oft he number.

When an awakened soul prepares itself for its journey on Earth, it chooses very consciously the day of its arrival in this earthly live, according to its spiritual task. As our life’s path will be influenced by the cosmic vibration of our birthday, it is essential for the soul to plan a “good start” in accordance with the provided tasks.

The person, whose soul has planned its earthly life and tasks consciously and in tune with its spiritual Guides, knows the preciousness of the day of its incarnation. This person develops the strengths corresponding to the Nahuales and will live in harmony with his or hers soul’s plan.