History and Vision

Our history

Our visitors often comment that they feel a profound peace and heartwarming love during their stay, which is expressed in everything, from the physical infrastructure of buildings, to the staff of the Centre to its spiritual guides and forces that are invisible but ever so present.

It was a walk with friends, which led us to this mystical piece of land in 1996, and we immediately felt a deep connection and attachment to it. In the following 20 years, the Center for World Peace PAZ MUNDO emerged little by little. The ancestral knowledge and spiritual tradition was an important part of the vision for the Center from the very beginning. The pyramids and temples were built, based on the Cosmovision Maya.

The Center is a place of harmony, peace, of a tremendously powerful flow of energy, of respect to Maya tradition as well as a deep closeness to nature and its spirits.

Our Vision

The WORLD PEACE CENTER PAZ MUNDO is a place of unity between tradition and our modern, human development. It is found in diversity, transcending culture, tradition, race or religion.

The WORLD PEACE CENTER PAZ MUNDO is where heaven and earth gather for a kiss, touching every human in its heart, activating healing and inner balance through its power and beauty.